The goal of Systems Resource is to help you make sound, informed decisions regarding your Information Technology System based on your personal or business needs.When it's time to buy or supplement your IT equipment or get help to make it operate more efficiently, you can be sure that Systems Resource is providing you with the most thorough and current evaluations and the highest quality of service available.

Operating Systems:
Windows 7, 10

Network Administration:
Windows Server (all versions)

Applications Knowledge:
Microsoft Office Suites (all versions)
Internet Browsers, Microsoft Exchange

Many specialized applications pertaining to various professions such as law, real estate, medicine and finance.
Services Offered:
Install and configure workstations
Administrate network servers
Provide networking setup via VPN, Satellite, Dial-up,
     DSL, T1 and Cable Modem
Install and maintain hardware and software firewall
Install and configure software applications
Troubleshoot and solve software and hardware problems
Instruct and support users on PC and Network applications
Assess computer hardware and software needs
Purchase software and hardware
Evaluate new software applications
Evaluate new hardware
Maintain and modify existing software applications
Maintain and modify existing hardware

Hourly rate:
$110.00 per hour per consultant

Typically there will only be one consultant on site. However, if the services of more than one consultant is necessary, each consultant will bill for each hour worked. You will be notified if more than one consultant will be on site prior to the work being done.

Invoices for consulting services are due upon receipt.

Hardware/Software purchasing:
All hardware and/or software purchases must be paid in advance.

Cathy M. Price, Owner

Steven T. Church
Network Engineer

Bob J. Taylor
IT Technician